Spam policy

Spam – policy

On a weekly basis we are distributing promotional mails to the subscribers of our e-mail news on festivals, performances etc. As is common practice we include in our messages the option to “Unsubscribe”. So people do not receive e-mail messages they do not want.

Unfortunately some people have received our messages nonetheless, because someone who thought they might be interested did forward our message to their contacts. With best intentions as to inform them.

However, it was not always clear to the recipients that het mail did not come from us, but was forwarded to them by someone else and they complained to us – not always in a polite manner -  thinking we had not removed them from our bullitcountry distribution list. They assumed that we are one of these SPAM-mailers.

We therefore would like to request that you do not forward our messages. If you need to do so, then please clearly indicate that the message was forwarded by you and was not sent by bullitcountry directly. [ e.g. By adding to our mail that is has been by ……@........... ] Or better still: please encourage your contacts to visit our web-site or entry in Facebook. Almost all our mailings will also be posted on our website and on Facebook.

Forwarding violations

Continued forwarding of our mails by anyone may force us to remove that person from our distribution list so that we can comply with our Legal obligation to maintain an effective Unsubscribe feature in our mails. Our e-mail provider automatically includes the Unsubscribe option in our mails.  Whenever a mail is forwarded, the message still carries this Unsubscribe option. This allows us to track the original recipient.

If you receive a forwarded message, then please do not activate the Unsubscribe function – as you are not in our distribution list, we cannot remove your mail address from our list. Instead, forward the mail to us so that we can open the original mail and find out who was the original recipient.

Legal Obligations

These are Legal obligations and st.bullitcountry will at all teams comply with them. If not we would risk high penalties that we cannot afford to pay.

Did you receive unwanted mail?

If you happen to be one of those who received one of our mails and was it forwarded to you by someone else, then proceed as follows: save the mail on your PC, zip the file in as a winzip file and sent it to us. I will then open the mail on my pc and will then be able to tell who was the original recipient, what is the corresponding e-mail address.

We hope we have been able to explain our policies and recommendations clearly and that you understand our explanations. We hope this approach will help us to prevent these uncomfortable situations. We hope you will help us achieve this.


Friendly country regards, Hans Boelens